Jake M. Meyer is an Economist focusing on Econometrics and Data Analysis. His primary experience is in the application of statistical methods for causal analysis, most often in the context of Finance.

Dr. Meyer teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Econometrics/Research Design at California State University Long Beach, as well as undergraduate courses on Statistics, International Finance, and International Economics. He currently teaches MBA level quantitative methods courses and Ph.D. level Macroeconomic modeling courses in the 2017-18 academic year.

Besides being a multi-year Quora.com Top Writer, Dr. Meyer holds a position as a research associate at the Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies. Dr. Meyer has diverse consulting experience. He works in both technical and communication oriented roles, having advised the construction of machine-learning based platforms used to forecast economic indicators for institutional investors, and the writing of chapters applying complex systems analysis to economics for a non-technical audience. 

Dr. Meyer is a member of

  • The American Economic Association
  • Western Economic Association International


  • Ph.D. Economics – Political Science, Claremont Graduate University
  • M.A. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
  • B.S.S. Economics/Political Science, Ohio University


Email: Jake@Rule703.com


Roman Garagulagian is our Principal Economist specializing in determining economic damages. He is experienced in applying economic theory, complex data, and quantitative methods to questions related to litigation.

Dr. Garagulagian’s work has focused primarily on the analysis of lost earnings resulting from the death or injury conduct and damages in various matters. His experience in employment includes analysis of injury for gender discrimination and wage and hour litigation. Dr. Garagulagian also has conducted analyses in wrongful termination and other employment litigation.

Dr. Garagulagian also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in finance including corporate finance, business forecasting and financial modeling. He has taught multiple courses in over 500 teaching hours at Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Finance Real Estate and Law.

Dr. Garagulagian is a member of

  • The National Association of Forensic Economics
  • The American Economic Association
  • The American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts
  • The Los Angeles Chapter of National Association for Business Economics


  • Ph.D. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
  • M.S. Economic Analysis, Cal Poly Pomona
  • B.S. Economics, Cal Poly Pomona


Email: Roman@Rule703.com


Matthew is an Economist with a robust research and management background. His specializations include Finance, Management, and Neuro-Economics, primarily using financial modelling to apply data in decision making.

Matthew’s experience includes work as the senior director of a mid-market investment fund, Crest Point LLC and as a senior research associate and the lab manager of Claremont’s Center for Neuro-economic Studies.

Matthew earned his M.A. in Economics from Claremont Graduate University in 2012, and is currently a Ph.D candidate at CGU’s Department of Economics. His dissertation applies machine learning to predictive models of financial crises.


  • Ph.D Economics (Expected 2018), Claremont Graduate University
  • M.A. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
  • B.A. Economics, St. Mary’s College of Maryland


Email: Matt@Rule703.com

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