Litigation is usually taken to court over a monetary loss. This might consist of a loss of income, the cost of fixing or replacing damaged property, the cost of medical treatment, a range of business disputes, or any other kind of financial loss. The right Economic Damages Expert Witness is vital in identifying the monetary sum determined for compensation.

Forensic Economic Services offers a wide variety of fully-vetted economic damages expert witnesses in all areas including financial modeling, public finance, econometrics, economic impact, data analysis, property valuation, pricing probability, loss of earnings, and earning capacity, macroeconomics, pensions, financial markets, and forecasting.

For business disputes, our economic damages expert witnesses have extensive knowledge of patents, patent infringement or validity, fraud, unfair termination of employment, wrongful medical costs, consumer conflicts, auditing, intellectual property, antitrust, royalties, trademarks, licensing, contracts, expenses of an accident, loss of income as a result of an absence from work and business valuation.

Our dedication to knowing each economic damages expert witness and also our experience in choosing the perfect experts for your case will save you and your clients time and money while giving peace of mind.

Our Economists can assist you in various areas, including but not limited to business, intellectual property, personal injury, employment, and competition matters. They are experienced in applying economic theory, complex data, and quantitative methods to questions related to litigation. Our Economists are members of the National Association of Forensic Economics and the American Economic Association. Give us a call at (424) 308-0393 or visit our website: for more information

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