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Business litigation often requires a careful accounting and analysis of valuations and damages that may require complex calculations by a trained eye. At Forensic Economic Services, our goal is to provide your litigation team with hard facts and figures to support your case, in matters including employment, personal injury, business valuation, wrongful death, and much more.

Expert Economic Litigation Support Service

Our economic consulting cases have spanned a wide variety of matters, specific areas of expertise include:

  • Calculating economic loss arising from lost earnings
  • Fringe benefits and household services
  • Estimating future medical costs, life care plan
  • Evaluating past and future loss of retirement benefits
  • Stock options, defined benefits, defined contributions
  • Evaluating net worth for punitive damages
  • Reviewing and critiquing of opposing expert reports
  • Reports for mediation and settlement purposes
  • Researching industry trends and specific companies

When you need a trusted economist to support your complex litigation, you need the experience of a team like Forensic Economic Services.

Business Valuation and Complex Commercial Disputes

When there can be no room for error in a trial setting, you can trust our highly credentialed economists to provide a bulletproof business valuation.

Supremely Qualified

FES’s economic consultants belong to the National Association of Forensic Economics and the American Economic Association

Trusted Economic Expert Witnesses

We’re no stranger to trial settings. Forensic Economic Services team members are often called on to be expert witnesses regarding economic matters.  We can create demonstrative exhibits for trial and testify when needed at deposition, arbitration, and trial.

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About Forensic Economic Services

Forensic Economic Services is an economic consulting firm in Downtown Los Angeles with the experience and professionalism to give you confidence in a courtroom setting. Our team has been trusted again and again to provide litigation support and expert opinion regarding economic subjects. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your litigation.



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Transforming data into insight

Our Economists can assist you in various areas, including but not limited to business, intellectual property, personal injury, employment, and competition matters. They are experienced in applying economic theory, complex data, and quantitative methods to questions related to litigation. Our Economists are members of the National Association of Forensic Economics and the American Economic Association.
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