Economic Damages Expert. The Most Effective Economic Expert

Take a look at the past decisions. Successful use of an expert depends in part on the underlying facts of the case, the legal theory supporting liability and damages, and the retention of the most appropriate expert at the right time. Seeking the opinion of an economist can help focus your attention on the most central issues in your case.

However, an expert is most effective if….

… you require an analysis of effects of conduct on businesses or consumers, or of damages, in complex litigation.

…your time horizon is sufficient to allow quality, in-depth analysis of relevant data and documents.

…the argument(s) that you intend to employ will likely rely on the analysis of voluminous, complicated and/or unorganized data.

your team requires additional low-level support staff for document review and research.

…you expect the opposition will engage an economic expert.

Here is how we assist. We provide expert assistance in the quantification and measurement of damages, claims, and losses to help our clients help their clients achieve a full and fast financial recovery and/or minimize losses resulting from catastrophic events, litigation, or disputes.

We identify, analyze, quantify loss costs for either vendor/subcontractor reimbursement, commercial insurance, and/or governmental disaster aid.

Our consultants have:

  • Relevant professional consulting experience
  • Advanced Degree and teaching experience
  • Ability in analyzing large amounts of data
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ready to travel
  • Prepared to collaborate and work with multiple teams in various capacities
  • Highly Proficient with technology; Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and multiple statistical packages.


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