Using state-of-the-art econometric techniques, we offer our expertise in designing, completing, and interpreting the data analysis necessary to answer your questions.  Under the supervision of our PhD economists we provide assistance in data analysis and interpretation for Damages in any domestic or International Arbitration, including:

Data analysis and interpretation of results:

  1. Damages in Energy and Natural Resources Arbitrations
  2. Damages in Construction Arbitrations
  3. Damages in Financial Services Arbitrations
  4. M&A and Shareholder Arbitrations
  5. Damages in Intellectual Property Arbitrations
  6. Damages in Competition/Antitrust Arbitrations
  7. Assessing Damages for Breach of Contract
  8. Assessing Fair Market Value
  9. Fraud on the Market Theory
  10. Discrimination Analysis
  11. Event Study

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