About Us

Who We Are

At Forensic Economic Services LLC, our team comprises esteemed university professors and economic consultants. We specialize in conducting thorough economic research and delivering expert witness testimony. Our comprehensive range of analysis services encompasses assessments of economic damages, forecasting, public policy evaluation, business valuation, econometric modeling, financial analysis, and forensic accounting.

Our Mission Statement

At Forensic Economic Services LLC, we are an economic consulting firm committed to providing our clients with insightful research, and unbiased expert opinion. Our economists adhere to the National Association of Forensic Economics Statement of Ethical Principles.

Consultants & Experts

Our team of experts, boasting decades of experience in economics, valuation, and financial analysis, is dedicated to delivering top-notch economic analysis services to our clients and the legal system. Working collaboratively, we provide valuable insights, well-supported calculations, and credible testimony. Please get in touch with us to connect with one of our skilled consultants.