Intellectual Property Management

Empowering Intellectual Property Management: Precision in Every License

In the intricate realm of intellectual property management, the underreporting of licensed intellectual property by licensees is an all-too-common concern. Licensors, driven by a justified apprehension, often find themselves questioning whether they receive their due under the terms of contracted license agreements. At Forensic Economic Services (FES), our expertise serves as your compass, guiding you through the complexities of intellectual property management with meticulous precision. 

Our Services: Navigating the Intellectual Property Landscape

At FES, we understand that effective intellectual property management demands an unwavering commitment to accuracy and insight. Our suite of services encompasses every facet of intellectual property management, ensuring that no detail escapes our scrutiny. Our services include:

  1. Licensing Expertise: With a profound understanding of licensing intricacies, our experts guide you through the process, ensuring that your intellectual property assets are effectively managed and leveraged.

  2. Royalty Compliance Audits: We employ rigorous royalty compliance audits to safeguard your entitlements. By meticulously assessing reported royalties, we ensure that you receive what you’re rightfully owed.

  3. Valuation of Patent, Trademark, and Copyright: Our valuation experts possess the acumen to accurately assess the worth of your intellectual property assets. Whether it’s patents, trademarks, or copyrights, we provide insights that empower your decision-making.

  4. Quantifying Economic Damages: In the face of economic damage, precision is paramount. Our experts possess the expertise to meticulously quantify economic damages, ensuring that you’re equipped with a robust assessment.

Navigating the Landscape of Royalty Audits

Royalty audits stand as a cornerstone of sound business practice across diverse sectors, from franchises and technology to retailing, merchandising, and entertainment. Companies engaged in license agreements often find themselves either subject to audits or requesting them. It’s important to recognize that a royalty audit is not an accusation of wrongdoing; rather, it’s a prudent measure to ensure that contractual obligations are met.

Our Expertise: Capturing Unseen Value

At FES, our intellectual property and economic damage experts stand ready to unravel the hidden potential within your intellectual property assets. Through our services, we help you:

  • Capture Unreported Sales: Our meticulous analysis helps unearth unreported sales, ensuring that no potential revenue goes unnoticed.

  • Benchmark Royalty Rate Increases: We help you identify opportunities for royalty rate enhancements, maximizing the value of your intellectual property.

  • Expose Questionable License Interpretations: Our expertise unveils questionable interpretations, ensuring that license agreements are faithfully upheld.

  • Identify Errors and Questionable Practices: From mathematical errors to questionable transfer pricing and sublicensing, our experts leave no stone unturned.

In essence, Forensic Economic Services LLC stands as your strategic partner in the realm of intellectual property management. Through meticulous audits, accurate valuations, and the quantification of economic damages, we empower you to navigate the intricate landscape of licensing and royalties with confidence. Allow our expertise to be your guiding light, ensuring that every facet of your intellectual property assets is harnessed to its full potential.

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